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 Fido System Architecure 

System Architecture

Fido is a component in an Application Server. The above diagram shows that Fido comprises of one FidoBean, which is stateful, a bunch of stateless session beans that control each table, and a collection of administrative servlets.

Because the FidoBean is stateful, there is one maintained for each client. This holds the state information between sentences, such as discourse information.

The TableBeans are stateless session beans and are created as needed. These provide an object view of the tables in the database.

The Admin Servlets allow the configuration and maintenance of the Fido system though a remote web browser. These servlets talk to the TableBeans to view / modify the data in the database. Since the beans and the maintain the transactions, multiple users can use / modify the data.

Admin Servlets:

  • DataEditor Collection - Displays and edits the database information.
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