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Required Software:

All of the following required software (exception the Java JRE) can be downloaded from FreshMeat on the Required Software for Fido page.

JRE 1.4 at JavaSoft (Under the header Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)). The JRE is the Java Runtime Environment, used to execute Java programs. To compile Fido, the JDK (Java Development Kit) is required, from the same site. Also to compile, Fido does not use makefiles, but Ant build scripts. Ant is part of the Jakarta project from the Apache folks. It can be downloaded from here.

JBoss 3.0.0. JBoss is a J2EE compilent application server. Fido is a collection of servlets and an EJB that runs within JBoss. The JBoss site provides a download of the server.

PostgreSQL 7.2.1 database. This database comes with most Linux distributions, or Cygwin for Dos based operating systems. Cygwin is a complete Unix layer running within the Win32 environment. Actually, any JDBC complient database can be made to work. The database load scripts use some Postgres specific commands to setup sequence numbers. These would have to be ported to the new database. Also the JDBC connection pool must be setup in JBoss.

Currently, we are not providing binary releases of the software. To see the current available software in action, go to the on-line demo page.

Source Code

The source code to build Fido is located in the SourceForge CVS server. The source code is not distributed in the binary download. You may browse the source code online.

This project's SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

cvs login

cvs -z3 co EnterpriseFido

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