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 Tutorial 1 
All examples have two ways to load the test data into the system. The first way is to find the link on the main page under the header Test Data for the example. This will remove all data from the database and load only the data needed for the example. This method ensures the data is correct, but does not require the user to walk through each table. The other method is to follow the example and enter the data manually for each table. This could become cumbersome if access the server is slow.

This example will show how to create a link between two objects. The example sentence is

John has a dog.
The following items will be touched upon during the lesson:
  • Clearing and loading data into tables
  • The purpose of each table in the system
  • Using morphology to find the root forms of words
  • Creating grammar strings
  • How to test grammar strings to ensure the sentence will parse
  • Use the debug console to enter a sentence and examine the server output
  • Creating instructions and transactions for the system to execute

Table of contents

  • Part 1 - Create all objects in the Object Hierarchy
    • Step 1 - Create object classes
    • Step 2 - Instantiate the John object
  • Part 2 - Prepare for syntactic analysis
    • Step 1 - Add Grammar Link Types
    • Step 2 - Add words to Dictionary
    • Step 3 - Add a Morphology tag
    • Step 4 - Test the sentence structure
  • Part 3 - Prepare for functional analysis
  • Part 4 - Prepare for semantic analysis
    • Step 1 - Setup the Frame slots
    • Step 2 - Setup Frame slots for verb string
  • Part 5 - Prepare for processing
    • Step 1 - Create a Class Link Type
    • Step 2 - Create the Instruction
    • Step 3 - Create a Transaction
    • Step 4 - Map the verb string to the Transaction
  • Part 6 - Process the sentence and test the output
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