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 Volitile Information 
Some information will be persistant information in the Fido database. Other information will be marked as volitile, because it is constantly changing. Such as: Stock quotes, the time, and the weather. This information can be retrieved on-demand from the web with the use of Web Services.

Information marked as volitile in the Fido database will be retrieved upon each query. This type of information will have a specified WebService that provides the information. Also, the information will have a time that the information becomes stale. As such, if the information becomes stale, it must be refreshed from the WebService or is marked as unreliable. Each piece of volitile information will contain the WebService that updates it.

Also, a time will be included with the information on the average time for a lookup. This will be timeout value that allows different information sources to have different access times.

The above two numbers will be used as follows: The user wants a piece of volitile information, such as the current temperature. The current piece of information is marked as stale, so the system attempts to ask a web service for the information. The timeout value will specifiy that site may be down or busy, and reports this to the user. The user may know the network is slow today and ask the system to continue to try. The stale value will say that the current temperature probably will not change in the next five minutes. If another person asks the system for the current temperature, the system will not need to refresh the data over the network.

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