Fido Alpha 3.2

Class AlwaysExpression

All Implemented Interfaces:
BooleanTreeNode, Expression

public class AlwaysExpression
extends java.lang.Object
implements Expression

The special node for a grammar string is a compliment for an optional expressionn. When building a grammar tree, if an expression is optional, the expression is placed on the left side of an OR, with an AlwaysNode on the right. Therefore, even if the expression does not show up during parsing, the expresssion will evaluate to true.

Constructor Summary
          Creates an ALWAYS_TYPE node.
Method Summary
 AlwaysExpression cloneExpression()
          Creates a new AlwaysExpression.
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Constructor Detail


public AlwaysExpression()
Creates an ALWAYS_TYPE node. This node in the grammar is alwasy true. It is used for optional expressions.

Method Detail


public AlwaysExpression cloneExpression()
Creates a new AlwaysExpression.

a new AlwaysExpression

Fido Alpha 3.2