Fido Alpha 3.2

Fido Server Classes

Fido is a natural language processing engine.


fido.db Classes that are a proxy to the database tables that comprise the system.
fido.frontend Classes that interface with the user and pass a string to the server processing classes.
fido.grammar The Fido system uses a grammatical system called link grammar to identify relationships between words in the user command.
fido.linguistic Classes that take the string from the user and determines one course of action.
fido.linguistic.components Classes that define an internal representation of the user input.
fido.processing Classes to execute transactions and instructions to modify the internal database or perform an external call.
fido.response Classes to gather information while the system executes a command and report output and errors back to the user in natural language.
fido.util These classes are common classes used through out the Fido system.


Fido is a natural language processing engine. Currently, Fido is built as an EJB (Enterprise Java Bean) which needs to be run in a EJB container, such as JBoss or Weblogic. Fido can use any JDBC complient database to store information. The EJB container must define a DataSource for the EJB to use. Fido contains servlets that allow an admin or developer to access the database through a web interface.

Fido Alpha 3.2