Fido Alpha 3.2

Class DiscourseResolver


public class DiscourseResolver
extends java.lang.Object

This module will take the final meaning of the sentence and determine the parts of the discourse class to set for future sentences to use to resolve ellipsis and pronouns.

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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new DiscourseResolver instance
Method Summary
 void process(Frame frame, Discourse discourse)
          All nouns in the current sentence should be put into the Discourse pool.
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Constructor Detail


public DiscourseResolver()
Creates a new DiscourseResolver instance

Method Detail


public void process(Frame frame,
                    Discourse discourse)
All nouns in the current sentence should be put into the Discourse pool. Also, the mood of the sentence (command, question, or information) should be stored so a fragment will be correctly used by the Ellipsis module. For example, a command or information would cause Ellipsis to attempt to fill in parts of the current sentence with the previous. A question would expect to a fragment to be the answer to the question. Finally, the sentence structure will be moved to the previous sentence structure.

frame - Frame which contains all of object ids processed in the last input.
discourse - Discourse object to store previous information in.

Fido Alpha 3.2