Fido Alpha 3.2

Class NounResolver


public class NounResolver
extends java.lang.Object

Resolve a NounPhrase to one instance in the ObjectTable.

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Constructor Summary
NounResolver(Discourse discourse)
          Creates a new NounResolver instance.
Method Summary
 ResolvedNoun resolve(NounPhrase np)
          Searches for an instance in the ObjectTable that the NounPhrase representes.
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Constructor Detail


public NounResolver(Discourse discourse)
Creates a new NounResolver instance.

discourse - Discourse object used in resolving nouns
Method Detail


public ResolvedNoun resolve(NounPhrase np)
                     throws FidoException
Searches for an instance in the ObjectTable that the NounPhrase representes. Each part of the NounPhrase changes the search:

Sentence Patterns

Sentence PatternN1 TypeN2 TypeExample
the N1 AV the N2EIEI The shark eat the seal
the N1 AV a N2EICI The man bought a car
a N1 AV the N2CIEI A boy broke the window
a N1 AV a N2CICI A lion killed a gazel
the N1 LV the N2EIEI The problem is the process
the N1 LV a N2EIC The dog is a Poodle
a N1 LV a N2CC A lion is a cat
PN1 LV PN2CC Wolves are hunters
PN1 AV PN2CC Sharks attack seals

Legend: LV = linking verb, AV = action verb, PN = plural noun, EI = existing instance, CI = create instance, C = class

np - NounPhrase to resolve
A ResolvedNoun class that the NounPhrase represents
FidoException - General exception thrown if the NounPhrase could not be processed. The exception will contain a wrapped exception that is the root cause.

Fido Alpha 3.2