Fido Alpha 3.2

Class Processing


public class Processing
extends java.lang.Object

After the user command has parsed, and a single action has been identified, the Processing module performs all actions.

Constructor Summary
          Creates a new Processing instance.
Method Summary
 void process(Frame frame, Response response)
          Processes all of the actions generated from the user request.
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Constructor Detail


public Processing()
Creates a new Processing instance.

Method Detail


public void process(Frame frame,
                    Response response)
             throws FidoException
Processes all of the actions generated from the user request. The Frame paramter holds a transaction id that will be executed.

This class executes all of the preconditions for the transaction in the Frame, then executes the instruction in the transaction. Finally executes any postconditions in the transaction.

See Verb Constraints for a description of preconditions.

frame - Frame context for processing.
response - Response class that gathers information for reporting back to the user.
FidoException - A catch-all exception that indicates an error occurred in processing.

Fido Alpha 3.2