Fido Alpha 3.2

Package fido.linguistic.components

Classes that define an internal representation of the user input.


Interface Summary
Clause A Clause is a generic interface for Sentence and Fragment.
Noun A Noun is a generic interface that generalizes any component that can act as a noun.

Class Summary
AdjectiveClass Represents an adjective within the sentence.
AdverbClass Representes an adverb within the sentence.
Fragment A concrete subclass of Clause that represents a command without a verb.
NounClass Represents the actual noun in a NounPhrase.
NounPhrase Represents a noun, with all associated components such as an optional article, all of the adjectives, and all prepositional phrases.
PrepositionalPhrase Represents a prepositional phrase.
Pronoun Represents a pronoun, which tells the system to look for a noun in the Discourse to replace.
ProperNounList A list of proper nouns that is returned from the ProperNounTable.
ResolvedNoun Represents an object in the ObjectTree that a noun was resolved to.
Sentence Concrete subclass of Clause that identifies the user input as having a verb.
VerbClass Represents the actual verb in a VerbPhrase.
VerbPhrase Represents a verb, with all associated components such as all adverbs and adverbial prepositional phrases.

Package fido.linguistic.components Description

Classes that define an internal representation of the user input. These classes are used by the fido.linguisic package to transform the user input into classes for each part of speech. Further processing resolves nouns. Finally, these classes are used to create a Frame class that will define the action and parameters the system should perform.

Fido Alpha 3.2