Fido Alpha 3.2

Class QuestionResolver


public class QuestionResolver
extends java.lang.Object

Resolves a fragment from the user to a sentence if the previous sentence from the system was a question.

(Currently not implemented)

Example: The user enters Throw the ball. The system finds two possible balls to throw nearby. The system asks the user Which ball, blue or red?. The response returned to the system will usually be a fragment, simply either blue or red. The Question Resolver module will determine that blue is an adjective. This was stored in the Discourse module as the missing piece of information. This was determined by the interogative pronoun in the question which.

The system would recreate the original sentence as Throw the blue ball which can be processed.

Constructor Summary
QuestionResolver(Discourse discourse)
          Creates a new QuestionResolver instance.
Method Summary
 Sentence analyze(Fragment fragment)
          Resolves the fragment paramter to a sentence using the previous discourse.
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Constructor Detail


public QuestionResolver(Discourse discourse)
Creates a new QuestionResolver instance.

discourse - Current discourse between user and system.
Method Detail


public Sentence analyze(Fragment fragment)
Resolves the fragment paramter to a sentence using the previous discourse.

fragment - Fragment statement from the user
Sentence created as the answer to the question.

Fido Alpha 3.2