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Class ProperNounResolver


public class ProperNounResolver
extends java.lang.Object

Resolves a list of possible proper noun objects to one object that appears in the Discourse Context pool. The SentenceComponents module creates a ProperNounList for every proper noun in the user input. The ProperNounList contains a list of possible objects that the proper noun represents. For example, for the proper noun Joe, the ProperNounList would contain a list of all people objects that are named Joe.

This module would take the list and lookup each object in the Context pool of the Discourse. The Context pool maintains a list of all objects that the user and system have mentioned in the current conversation.

Ex. The system knows of two people named Bill. During the conversation, the user mentions one of the two people named Bill. Bills object would be placed into the Context pool, because his name was brought up. The next time Bills name is mentioned, this module will see that only one Bill was mentioned previously, and would assume which Bill the user was talking about.

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Constructor Summary
ProperNounResolver(Discourse discourse)
          Creates a new ProperNounResolver instance.
Method Summary
 ResolvedNoun resolve(ProperNounList list)
          Resolves the proper noun represented by the list parameter.
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Constructor Detail


public ProperNounResolver(Discourse discourse)
Creates a new ProperNounResolver instance.

discourse - Discourse object used for the Context pool.
Method Detail


public ResolvedNoun resolve(ProperNounList list)
                     throws MultipleProperNounsMatchException,
Resolves the proper noun represented by the list parameter. Each of the entries in the list are looked up in the Object Pool in the Discourse.

list - List of proper nouns from the ProperNoun table that match the proper noun string from the user.
A ResolvedNoun that the proper noun represents.
MultipleProperNounsMatchException - Thrown if more than one object in the proper noun list was found in the Discourse Context pool.
NoProperNounsMatchException - Thrown if none of objects in the proper noun list were found in the Discourse Context pool.
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