Fido Alpha 3.2

Class LinguisticAnalysis


public class LinguisticAnalysis
extends java.lang.Object

A workflow is created for each User connection to manage the user commands. Because there is one workflow for each user, the workflow will keep track of context, ellipsis, and fragmented sentences. Also, if the front end is accepting input from a source that produces fragmented input, such as voice recognition, the workflow will maintain context within the sentence so the will only be parsed when an entire sentence has been compiled. Also, the workflow will control a front-end sending more than one command in one request.

Linguistic Analysis takes all of sentences formed from Grammar and choose one as the meaning of the original command. For example, the following sentence: Joe looked at the girl in the park could mean Joe (and the girl) were in the park, or that Joe saw the girl, who was in the park. Linguistic Analysis will determine which meaning the user meant and remove all other sentence frames. Up until this module, grammar may create multiple sentences, each grammatically correct. This module ensures there is only one meaning passed to the B-Brain. The conjunction module may create multiple commands; this module does not remove those.

Constructor Summary
          Constructs a new workflow for a user input.
Method Summary
 Frame analyze(java.lang.String userMsg)
          Takes a string from the user input and determines the course of action for the Processing module.
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Constructor Detail


public LinguisticAnalysis()
Constructs a new workflow for a user input.

Method Detail


public Frame analyze(java.lang.String userMsg)
              throws FidoException
Takes a string from the user input and determines the course of action for the Processing module.

The input is passed to the following modules for processing:

FidoException - Thrown for any error in processing the command. This is the parent exception for every exception generated by the server. The detail message should be used to display to the user.
See Also:
Processing, WordSeparation, LanguageDetermination, WordLookup, GrammarModule, SentenceComponents, Resolver, FragmentResolver, SentenceResolver, DiscourseResolver

Fido Alpha 3.2